ISBN: 978-1933308-22-7 $29.95
Softcover with flaps, 64 pages plus eight sheets of full-size fold-out patterns, 8-3/4" x 11"
100 color photographs

Mother Earth's Quilt Sampler
Applique Patterns Inspired by

Mother Earth and Her Children

This adorable collection is inspired by Sieglinde Schoen Smiths award-winning quilt and children's picture book, Mother Earth and Her Children. Four delightful quilts--Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter--celebrate the changing of the seasons. Each one features Seiglinde's little children as they discover the wondrous world of nature. A unique combination of applique and embroidery, Seiglinde's signature style has captivated the hearts of quilters everywhere. Each pattern is showcased in colorful, close-up photography, so that you can see every part of each quilt in amazing detail. There are step by step instructions for making each one. An introductory chapter explains Sieglinde's technique and features step-by-step hand photography. A template pack, enclosed with the book, includes full-size fold-out patterns for each quilt, ready for transfer onto fabric.

Sieglinde Schoen Smith is an award-winning quilter, an expert embroiderer, and a gifted artist. After winning America's top award for her whimsical quilt, Mother Earth and Her Children, she became an overnight sensation in the quilting industry. Her first book, also titled Mother Earth and Her Children, was an instant bestseller and won the Growing Good Kids Book Award, sponsored by the American Horticultural Society.