Hardcover with jacket, 40 pages, 6-1/2" x 6-1/2"

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Pack includes:
CD with high-resolution of 52 letters
(PC and Mac compatible)
Set of 5 photo-transfer fabric sheets, 8-1/2" x 11"
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Mother Earth's ABCs

A Quilter's Alphabet and Story Book

Mother Earth's ABC is inspired by Sieglinde Schoen Smith's award-winning quilt and children's book, Mother Earth and Her Children. Each page features a beautiful illustrated letter, embellished with whimsical butterflies, bumblebees, and woodland creatures. A charming tale tells of the coming of Spring and the transformation of a shy seedling into a glorious Summer flower. What a delightful way to browse from A to Z!

It's easy to tranfer Sieglinde's alphabet onto your own sewing projects. Sieglinde provides help on making the appliques, as well as tips on the three basic embroidery stitches she uses to illustrate her letters.

Sieglinde Schoen Smith is an award-winning quilter, an expert embroiderer, and a gifted artist. Exactly a century after the original book was published, Sieglinde created a unique quilt that retells her favorite childhood story. This masterful work, titled Mother Earth and Her Children, captured the coveted Best in Show award at America's most prestigious quilt show, inspiring Sieglinde to publish her first book for young readers, also titled Mother Earth and Her Children. Sieglinde lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Mother Earth's ABCs: Photo-Transfer Pack and CD
Achieve the beautiful effects of Sieglinde's needleturn appliqué and embroidery on your computer! This image-transfer pack includes a CD with hi-res images of every letter in Mother Earth and Her Children. Using any computer design program, you can import these .tif files, then resize them to suit your project. When you are ready, print your color letters out onto photo-transfers sheets. Now you are ready to sew or fuse the images onto your sewing projects!


Sibylle von Olfers is the author of the original German folk tale, "Etwas von den Wurzelkindern," which sold more than 800,000 copies when it was first published in 1906. Exactly a century later, Sieglinde Schoen Smith's quilted interpretation, Mother Earth and Her Children, won the top prize at America's most prestigious quilt show, inspiring this new translation. Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota) is the foremost expert on folklore in the United States. His works include the definitive English-language translation of The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.