Deluxe paperback, 192 pages, 8-3/4" X 11"
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The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage, and Happiness

by Pam Holland

In the midst of personal tragedy, Pam Holland stumbled upon a picture of "1776," an amazing story-quilt made by Sorbian soldiers on the battlefield as Prussian troops marched into Bohemia. The quilt, constructed using an antiquated European technique known as Silesian quilting, incorporated an incredibly rich range of patterns and imagery. Captivated, Holland set out to replicate the quilt using faster methods of machine applique. This unique book recounts the story of the original quilt and describes Pam Holland's personal odyssey from despair to celebration, as her remake of 1776 sweeps "Best in Show" at quilt shows across the United States. The book provides six complete patterns inspired by the 1776, as well as directions for re-creating the original quilt.

* Fast and easy appliqué technique, combining fast-fusing methods and machine stitching
* Six new quilt projects inspired by unusual motifs in 1776
* Sensational photography of the original 1776 and Pam Holland's recreation

Pam Holland was catapulted to quilting fame when "1776" swept Best in Show at four major US quilt shows-an unprecedented achievement for a reproduction quilt. She immediately became one of the most sought-after teachers on the national scene, growing a successful teaching career in Australia, Europe, and Japan. A quilter, designer, quilt-show judge, and appraiser, Pam Holland is also the mother of fifteen biological and adopted children. The 1776 Quilt is her first book.

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